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/* This file was taken from scan-s2, and changed to use with w_scan.

#ifndef __DISEQC_H__
#define __DISEQC_H__

#include <stdint.h>
#include <linux/dvb/frontend.h>

struct diseqc_cmd {
      struct dvb_diseqc_master_cmd cmd;
      uint32_t wait;

extern int diseqc_send_msg (int fd, fe_sec_voltage_t v, struct diseqc_cmd **cmd,
                                          fe_sec_tone_mode_t t, fe_sec_mini_cmd_t b);

*   set up the switch to position/voltage/tone
int setup_switch (int frontend_fd, int switch_pos, int voltage_18, int freq, int uncommitted_switch_pos);
int rotate_rotor (int frontend_fd, int * from, int to, uint8_t voltage_18, uint8_t hiband);


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