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/* This file is taken from linuxtv-dvb-apps */

struct lnb_types_st {
      char  *name;
      char  **desc;
      unsigned long     low_val;
      unsigned long     high_val;   /* zero indicates no hiband */
      unsigned long     switch_val; /* zero indicates no hiband */

/* Enumerate through standard types of LNB's until NULL returned.
 * Increment curno each time

struct lnb_types_st *
lnb_enum(int curno);

/* Decode an lnb type, for example given on a command line
 * If alpha and standard type, e.g. "Universal" then match that
 * otherwise low[,high[,switch]]

lnb_decode(char *str, struct lnb_types_st *lnbp);

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